A new international Montessori school with a unique approach to education has celebrated its first year in Baguio City. Known as Young Tycoons Academy (YTA), this educational institution for young age children aims to teach students entrepreneurial skills embedded through the philosophy of Maria Montessori method that will help them become successful entrepreneurs in the future and contribute to the business industry.

An international Montessori school for thinkers, doers, and innovators, YTA has been serving families in Baguio City with children ages 1.5 to 5 years old who value education anchored on the important values of life such as kindness, compassion, and respect. YTA is committed to fostering a productive relationship with families and their children as well as in the community it is operating in through regular community service.

This community-nested international Montessori school in Baguio City was conceptualized by three Filipino friends – Zeus Mula Cruz, Jenny Alipio, and Alpha Sanford, all of whom have achieved success in their respective professions. The three of them believe in the power of entrepreneurship and financial literacy and created the YTA’s core beliefs.

These three founders agreed that putting up an international school using the Maria Montessori educational philosophy with a focus on financial literacy and entrepreneurship is a great contribution to raising creative global-minded individuals with character and integrity. But it’s not just any ordinary school because an interdisciplinary learning coupled with an organic learning environment are provided to ensure that students learn in the best and most creative way possible.

The Young Tycoons Academy adheres to nine principles focused on creative teaching and learning, community development, financial literacy, parent connection and inter-connection and the values of kindness and respect, among others. The school follows a green design with classrooms constructed using eco-friendly materials to provide a healthy environment conducive to learning for its young students.



Headmaster, YTA

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Managing Director, YTA

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