What Sets Young Tycoons Academy Apart from other International Montessori Schools?

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Not all international Montessori schools are created equal and a new International School opened this year in Camiling, Tarlac Philippines which aims to stand out from the rest.

Young Tycoons Academy (YTA) is an international Montessori school with the main branch in Baguio City and has expanded to Camiling, Tarlac in July 2019 with a mission to foster world-class entrepreneurial education that will inspire its students to contribute to local, national and global economic, environmental and social progress.

As its name suggests, YTA is focused on preparing young students to lead meaningful entrepreneurial lives. To achieve this, it adheres to nine principles among which puts a value on kindness and respect; financial literacy; community development spanning all culture, religions, language, and abilities; parent education; teaching and learning with character and integrity; and nature.

Being a community-nested international Montessori school, YTA emphasizes on the need to support the community it is operating in and be responsive to the needs of children. What also makes it different from the rest is the opportunity it will continuously provide its young students to learn first-hand about business management from local and global entrepreneurs.

Unlike other schools, Young Tycoons Academy boasts of green design in line with its goal of creating an eco-friendly living and learning space to its enrollees. YTA’s designs follow a natural theme which makes use of only sustainable materials all throughout the school premises. The presence of gardens and magical landscapes inside the classroom are aimed at ensuring a healthy environment for everyone.

Each class in YTA engages students to think creatively and critically. The tykes will be immersed in interdisciplinary learning with subjects covering multiple integrated arts, music, dance and language electives. Summer immersion programs will also be provided.

In the near future, YTA founders have a vision of engaging the families of YTA to become shareholders of the school. The three founders have a vision that as YTA grows to include up to 12th grade, a student enrolled at Young Tycoons Academy until high school graduation will be entitled to the maturation of funds.

These are just some of the special features of YTA. Those who enroll their child in the school will be able to discover more moving forward. 



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