Inclusive Approach to Community Development:

providing a peaceful, welcoming, all-inclusive of abilities, culture, language, religions, mixed-age, child-directed environment.


providing regular opportunities to children with local/global entrepreneurs to learn first-hand the different aspects of starting and running businesses.

Community-Nested, Shopfront, Neighborhood Setting:

offering commitment to the integration within the fabric of the community and responsive to the needs of children.

Incubator School for Small-to-Medium Scale Enterprises (and Teacher Leadership Development):

serving as a setting dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship and financial literacy among children in the context of the modern education world.

Ecosystem of Connectedness and Interdependence:

blurring the boundaries of home-schooling and institutional schooling by placing high priority on parent education, parent connection/inter-connetion and giving parents and integral role in the classroom.

A Spirit of Kindness, Respect and Collaboration:

reflecting a spirit of kindness, respect and collaboration to all stakeholders, rooted in a practice of mindfulness and generosity by all stakeholders.

Commitment to Teaching and Learning with Character and Integrity:

providing an educational environment where there is an emphasis on integrity.

Emphasis on Meaningful and Experiential Learning through Arts and Literature:

bringing richness to the learning environment by giving the children opportunities to observe and interact with adults doing day-to-day creative work.

Attention to Nature:

emphasizing the nonseparation between nature and human nature through a unique living-classroom design and extensive time in nature.