At Young Tycoons Academy, we have an open enrollment for all our enrichment programs, which means that you can apply and be accepted at any time. The only requirement is that you complete at least two sessions of any of our enrichment programs. These enrichment programs are also available from time to time during the summer sessions. You may inquire directly at your school branch’s administrator for dates, times and sessions available.



This enrichment class teaches children techniques in calming their bodies that includes breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques designed to meet the developmental needs of students.



This enrichment class teaches children various activities designed to promote musical learning across ages. Activities include playing rhythm instruments, having fun with finger plays, singing and dancing to different music including local and music around the world.



This enrichment class teaches children how to create things out of all kinds of cool objects with emphasis on using recyclable materials that heals the earth. This class will use various materials such as buttons, used clothing, yarns, beach sand, shells, clay pots, paint, and other materials to create awesome crafts like treasure boxes, jewelry, wind chimes, decorated sunglasses & hats, painted pots and more!



This enrichment class teaches children how to expand their ability as a painter! This class will help children develop their sense of color and composition. They will build on their existing and previous experiences to create refined, expressive pictures of subjects of their choosing.



This enrichment class teaches children to love books and to enhance their listening skills through interactive story time. They will read books that highlights all the different culture around the world.



Every child loves to play! In this class, children are allowed to explore, exchange stories with each other and engage in the different multi-modal learning materials in the classroom.