Zeus Mula Cruz is the President of the Young Tycoons Academy and is also the company’s financial advisor. His strong beliefs on the power of financial literacy are rooted from his solid background in the financial world. His financial background led him to conceptualize the core beliefs of YTA on financial literacy, as the curriculum foundation for the school.

Zeus is one of the leading financial advisors in Canada and in the Philippines. He works with families in ensuring their financial security and addresses their long-term financial strategies and goals. He is one of the Senior Marketing Directors of the World Financial Group Canada and also the Senior Marketing Director of the International Marketing Group of the Philippines.

Zeus graduated in Marine Transportation from the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy. He has earned Master’s Degree units in Ship Business and Management.

Zeus Mula Cruz is currently one of the Master Mariners of Mc Asphalt Marine Transportation Ltd. He is the youngest and the first Filipino who has ever earned this position at this Canadian company. He also serves as a Master Mariner for the Navios Shipping Inc/Bright Maritime Corp, since 2012. His leadership style and management skills have inspired and helped many seafarers in the safety operations and management of international cargo vessels.

Zeus can be reached at [email protected]